Things I’ve learned from being transgender that aren’t about being transgender

You have a brilliant knack for explains how you actually feel, expressing so readers understand. This is a difficult task in writing in my opinion. I give you props for speaking out . You give others hope that it is okay to not know exactly what gender you are . The gingerbread man/woman was an excellent example . In regards to finding the right doctor, lawyer , therapist, etc. I know exactly how you feel. If you do not feel a connection with the professional you are working with move on to another. Thanks for sharing. I look forward to reading more of your blogs!

Being transgender prompted me to undergo a lengthy period of deep introspection. It forced me to question things which the general population perhaps doesn’t give a second thought to, ever. It also gave me a lens to reexamine other aspects of my life with a broader perspective. Thus, here I present the lessons I’ve learned by virtue of being trans, that aren’t really about being trans at all.

Gender is f’ing everywhere!

Fetuses are imparted a “gender” based on microscopic hints of genitals as seen through an expensive x-ray printout. Our involuntary gender journey thus begins, plaguing us with pink and blue stickers, gendered names and spaces and play places. This dichotomous fanaticism extends well into adulthood. From the facial moisturizer for men (boosting your burliness) to granola bars for women (which surely elevate estrogen levels), the battle of the sexes plays out even in the most inane scenarios. Everyone could benefit from a little…

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